Tuesday, June 11, 2019

OSI Delaware River Watershed Protection Fund Now Accepting Grant Applications

The Open Space Institute Delaware River Watershed Protection Fund is now accepting applications for grants to ensure clean water through support of land protection and improved land use planning as part of the broader Delaware River Watershed Initiative supported by the William Penn Foundation.
OSI will accept Capital Grant applications through July 25.
OSI accepts Transition and Catalyst Grants on a rolling basis.
The Fund makes two types of capital grants. For parcels that are currently, or will be restored to, at least 90 percent natural cover, applicants can apply for a Forestland Capital Grant.
Farm Buffer Capital Grants support protection of the forested areas along the streams of active farms that are either permanently protected or will be protected.
The Delaware River Watershed Protection Fund now has $12 million available to support land acquisition; not more than $2.4 million will be allocated for Farm Buffer Grants.
Forestland and Farm Buffer Grants cover a portion of the cost of purchasing land or easements and may also cover transaction costs, including cost of appraisals, surveys, title, Farm Conservation plans, environmental assessments and non-staff legal expenses, with the latter not to exceed 2 percent of the parcel’s Fair Market Value. If such transaction expenses are defrayed by another source before closing, the capital grant will be reduced accordingly.
Transaction Grants provide early support for forest and farm buffer land protection projects that are not ready to apply for a capital grant. Transaction Grants can cover the cost of one appraisal, title report and environmental assessment, as well as the cost of drafting a Farm Conservation Plan. OSI will distribute Transaction Grants within 2 weeks of grant approval.
Transaction Grant grantees should complete their projects either with subsequent support from the Fund or other funding sources. Within six months of transaction grant approval, grantees must either apply for a Capital Grant or demonstrate they can complete the project without the Fund’s support.
For Transaction Grant projects that later receive a Capital Grant, the Transaction Grant will be considered part of the total grant and subject to capital match requirements.
Capital and Transaction Grant Funds may not be used to pay interest on loans, staff time, mileage, travel expenses or general overhead. Note also that projects which close before the proposal deadline are not eligible for funding.
For more information, visit the Open Space Institute’s Delaware River Watershed Protection Fund webpage.

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