Friday, June 28, 2019

Pre-Qualification For DCNR, PennVEST Multifunction Riparian Buffer Grants Begins July 1

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority will start pre-qualifying applicants for Multifunctional Riparian Buffer Grants on July 1.
These buffers, funded by PennVEST, provide opportunities for harvesting products such as nuts, berries, woody florals, forbs, and potentially biomass. 
This grant program is open to any government agency, non-governmental organization, private business, and/or Pennsylvania resident. 
However, all applicants must pre-qualify for eligibility, prior to submitting an application for funding.
The pre-qualification process will be open July 1 to August 31
The grant application period will be open for all pre-qualified applicants August 1 to September 30 via DCNR’s online grant application portal. Grant funding will be awarded through a competitive grant application process.
Click Here for a Multifunctional Riparian Forest Buffer Program FAQ.
Click Here for Prequalification Information for Multifunctional Riparian Forest Buffer Program.
Visit DCNR’s Rivers Conservation Grants webpage for more information.
(Reprinted from the PA Land Trust Association website.)
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