Saturday, June 22, 2019

Call To Action Issued As Republican Bill Moves To Fundamentally Change Definition Of Water Pollution In Pennsylvania

PA Trout Unlimited Chapters, PennFuture and other groups have issued a call to action for Pennsylvanians to oppose Senate Bill 619 (Yaw-R- Lycoming) which makes fundamental changes to the definition of water pollution.
The bill would change the definition of pollution in the state Clean Streams Law so that only a violation of a numeric water quality standard is considered pollution.  There are few numeric standards..
It would also let individuals or companies who cause pollution to surface or groundwater determine first if there was pollution under the new definition and second if it should be reported to DEP.
The law now says pollution is, “contamination of any waters of the Commonwealth such as will create or is likely to create a nuisance or to render such waters harmful, detrimental or injurious to public health, safety or welfare, or to domestic, municipal, commercial, industrial, agricultural, recreational, or other legitimate beneficial uses, or to livestock, wild animals, birds, fish or other aquatic life.” Click Here for more background.
Click Here to register your opposition to Senate Bill 619 via PennFuture.  The bill is moving fast under cover of all the budget bills.
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