Monday, September 10, 2018

PA Grazing Lands Coalition Releases New Grapevine Grazing & Soil Health Podcast Series

The PA Grazing Lands Coalition, with support from the National Wildlife Federation’s Cover Crop Champions Program, is producing The Graziers Grapevine podcasts covering topics related to grazing and soil health.
If you’ve heard it through the grapevine, it must be true!  Actually, a lot of what comes “through the grapevine” in the agricultural world DOES hold merit.  
Many people who raise livestock and/or crops appreciate hearing accounts of firsthand experience from other farmers or graziers.  Does it work? Is it worth the effort? What would you do differently?
Would you like to hear it through the grapevine, too?  Tune in to The Grazier’s Grapevine!
The Graziers Grapevine podcasts are conversations between at least 2 people about topics related to grazing, soil health, agronomy and more.  There will be at least 7 episodes produced in the next few months.
Click Here to download the first three Graziers Grapevine podcasts.  
The first podcast is an introduction to technical assistance and cost sharing programs available through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).
The second podcast is a discussion between the hostess, Jenn Albright, and Monica Pape, the Accidental Agronomist.  Jen and Monica discuss the differences between soil health and soil fertility, as they relate to cover cropping and grazing.  
According to Monica, soil health is the general ability of soil to support the growing of crops, and soil fertility is taking it one step further (the implementation of management practices to get the soil to grow those crops well).  Click Here to learn more about Monica and her work.
The third podcast features Annie Basehore-Starbard, who has decades of experience with dairy goat management.  Jenn and Annie discuss fencing, foraging, silvopasture and the art of cheesemaking. Annie has also authored a book, which can be found here.
Click Here for more about The Graziers Grapevine podcasts.
There will be many more podcasts released soon, so please check out PA Grazing Lands Coalition or Cover Crop Champions on Facebook for notification of new podcast releases.  
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