Monday, September 24, 2018

Mercer Conservation District Recognizes Dr. Fred Brenner, Lexie Arkwright As Pioneers In Conservation

Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition participant and Grove City College Professor of Biology Dr. Fred Brenner and his student Lexie Arkwright were recently honored by the Mercer County Conservation District with Pioneers in Conservation awards.
Dr. Brenner was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work with the Conservation District dedication to education, a massive body of research, and a commitment to ecology and conservation.
He has been on the Grove City College faculty for 49 years and is recognized as a certified senior ecologist, wildlife biologist, and environmental inspector and a professional wetland scientist.
Arkwright, a Conservation Biology major from Mercer, has worked with and for the Conservation District since she was in high school, and was honored for her enthusiasm and efforts to advance environmental education.
The awards recognize those who have made a significant investment in the idea of natural resource conservation. Dr. Brenner and Arkwright were among those recognized at the
Conservation District’s annual dinner on April 27.
Grove City College alumnae and Conservation District staffers Larissa Cassano-Hamilton ’12, a watershed specialist, and Jacqueline L. McCullough ’10, environmental education coordinator, presented the awards.
“It was an honor to present Dr. Brenner with an award, especially because I had him as a professor,” Cassano-Hamilton said.
Beyond his professional and educational qualifications, “Dr. Brenner has donated his time and served on the Mercer County Conservation District Board of Directors for almost 50 years. His dedication is truly inspiring,” she said.
She also noted that Brenner invests in future generations by being involved with Boy Scouts of America and sharing his love and respect for the outdoors, has shaped Munnell Run Farm, the outdoor educational complex where the Conservation District is headquartered, by overseeing wetlands construction and best management practices, and advocates for environmental education in our schools and communities.
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(Reprinted from the September Catalyst newsletter from the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition.)

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