Thursday, September 27, 2018

How You (And Your Phone) Can Improve Philadelphia's Flood Response

The Philadelphia Water Department Wednesday announced a new program that invites Philadelphia residents to send in photos and information about flooding in their areas to improve the City's response to flooding.
"We are entering the core of the 2018 hurricane season, and this year you have a chance to make our city safer. All it takes is the camera on your phone and a minute of your time.
"As members of Philadelphia’s Citywide Flood Risk Management Task Force, we are teaming up with the Office of Emergency Management to ask residents for photos and info that will improve how we respond to flooding threats.
"While local, state and federal officials use a variety of tools—from flood gauges submerged in the Schuylkill River to satellites beaming down live weather data—eyewitness, on-the-ground and real-time information from people like you can greatly enhance what we know about flooding in Philadelphia.
This effort is part of a partnership with the National Weather Service aimed at fine-tuning the City’s ability to direct resources during emergency weather and improving the alerts that warn residents about dangerous local conditions."
What They Want from You--
-- Photos of “riverine” flooding: overflowing creeks, rivers, and local waterways
-- Photos of “surface” flooding: inundated streets, parking lots, and other public areas
-- Exact time, date, and location of your flood photos
Stay Safe!
It is extremely important to note that residents should never seek out flooded roadways or other areas impacted by floodwaters.
Never place yourself in a dangerous situation to record flood conditions, and never drive or walk through flooded areas.
Heed all warnings from officials, including evacuation orders, and practice the tips for staying safe during and after storms found in the City’s flooding guide for residents.
Click Here for all the details.

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