Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Commonwealth Financing Authority Funds 359 Projects To Improve Water Infrastructure & Recreation, Restore Watersheds

Gov. Tom Wolf Tuesday announced the Commonwealth Financing Authority approved funding for 359 new projects-- $16.2 million to support 123 projects using funds collected from the Act 13 drilling impact fee on unconventional gas wells in the Marcellus Shale-- and nearly $50 million to support 236 Small Water and Sewer Program projects to protect and improve municipalities’ water systems.
“These projects will ensure that vital services are being provided to communities all across the Commonwealth,” Gov. Wolf said. “From ensuring Pennsylvanians have access to clean water, to protecting communities from the devastating effects of flooding, to simply giving residents the chance to hike a new trail in their community, these projects will improve the quality of life for countless families and individuals across the Commonwealth.”
Act 13 Funded Projects
The Marcellus Legacy Fund was created by Act 13 of 2012 to provide for the distribution of unconventional gas well impact fees to counties, municipalities, and Commonwealth agencies.
The act stipulates that a portion of the fee revenue will be transferred to the CFA for statewide initiatives that will include abandoned mine drainage abatement, abandoned well plugging, sewage treatment, greenways, trails and recreation, baseline water quality data, watershed restoration, and flood control.
The 123 Act 13 projects approved by the Authority are located in 38 counties. The total funding amount is $16.2 million. The approved projects include--
-- Abandoned Mine Drainage Abatement: One project approved, $500,000 total
-- Flood Mitigation: 12 projects approved; $2,886,069 total
-- Greenways, Trails and Recreation: 90 projects approved; $10,586,673 total
-- Orphan or Abandoned Well Plugging: One project approved; $20,624 total
-- Sewage Facilities: Four projects approved; $231,328 total
-- Watershed Restoration and Protection: 15 projects approved; $1,993,662 total
Click Here for a complete list of Act 13 projects approved highlighted in pale yellow.
Small Water/Sewer Projects
The PA Small Water and Sewer Program provides grants to assist municipalities with the construction, improvement, expansion, or repair of their water supplies or sanitary sewer systems.
The small water and sewer projects approved by the Authority range from the construction of a new pump station to ensure reliable-long term public drinking water and fire protection in Houtzdale, Clearfield County; the replacement of vitrified clay sewer pipe with new PVC pipe that can meet system demand during storm events in Mt. Jewett, McKean County; the replacement of old and leaky fire hydrants that contribute to contaminated water in Boswell, Somerset County; and the construction of a new 150,000-gallon welded steel water storage tank in Valley View, Schuylkill County.
Other projects include improvements and replacements of water mains, water treatment plants, sewer systems, and water line extensions in hundreds of municipalities in 49 counties across the Commonwealth. The total funding amount is just under $50 million.
Click Here for a complete list of Small Water and Sewer projects approved highlighted in yellow.
For more information on environmental and energy project funding, visit the Commonwealth Financing Authority webpage.

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