Monday, April 16, 2018

West Norriton Twp, Montgomery County: Stormwater In Your Backyard, Everyone Has A Story To Tell

West Norriton Township in Montgomery County recently posted a story map online to educate its residents about stormwater called: Stormwater In Your Backyard, Everyone Has A Story To Tell.
The goal of the project was to create an interactive online tool that uses geography and maps to tell a story  about stormwater everyone will understand.
It provides information about local stormwater impacts and the best ways to help reduce pollutants entering streams.
The Story Map was developed by Cedarville Engineering Group, LLC as part of West Norriton Township's effort to meet the MS4 Stormwater education requirement.
Click Here to visit Stormwater In Your Backyard.  Click Here to learn more about the Township’s Pollutant Reduction Plan.
For more information on stormwater management, visit DEP’s Municipal Stormwater webpage.

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