Friday, April 20, 2018

Op-Ed: As Earth Week Approaches, We Celebrate Our Vibrant, Growing PA Sustainable Agriculture Community

"Whether it's chips, crickets or vegetables, Pennsylvanians are buying more organic food than ever." New data puts Pennsylvania second in the nation for total organic sales (California is first).
Our Executive Director, Hannah Smith-Brubaker, observes state policymakers taking note: “When I visit with legislators, I just can’t believe the change in literacy even from five years ago,” Smith-Brubaker said. “And it can’t just be the farmers. It’s that the consumers are prioritizing it.”
Thinking critically about market access while playing some mean harmonica.
We celebrate the expertise and talents of our vibrant sustainable ag community, which are captured in this short video from this year’s Farming for the Future Conference created by Joe Harrison from USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.
For more than a decade, businesses band together to undergird PASA’s mission on Earth Week.
Eleven years ago, Four Seasons Produce of Ephrata, Lancaster County pioneered an important annual fundraising campaign for PASA by donating a portion of their produce sales during Earth Week to us.
Their campaign has raised $250,000 to date!
The following year, Lady Moon Farms significantly grew the campaign by also pledging a portion of their Earth Week sales to PASA. During the past decade, several other businesses have joined the charge.
Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms of Chester County is participating for its ninth year, and two years ago our friends at Kimberton Whole Foods led the ‘retailers charge’ by jumping aboard the program and contributing per case of organics as well.
The PASA community can support this program by shopping at Kimberton during Earth Week (April 15th - 21st), as well as the following natural food retailers, which are also partnering in the program: Weaver’s Way Cooperative, Harvest Market Natural Foods, and East End Food Coop.
“PASA is all of us speaking with one voice. Let’s all show our support during this special week allowing PASA's mission to continue to grow!” says Tom Beddard, owner of Lady Moon Farms. We deeply appreciate the generosity of these businesses and the value they place on building a more sustainable food system.
For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events to support sustainable farming operations, visit the PA Association For Sustainable Agriculture webpage.
Click Here to find Community Supported Agriculture farms near you courtesy of the PA Association for Sustainable Agriculture.
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(Reprinted from the PA Association for Sustainable Agriculture website.)

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