Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sen. Yaw Encourages Pennsylvanians To Take Advantage Of Drug Take-Back Day April 28

Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming), Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, Monday announced the 15th Semi-Annual National Drug Take-Back Day, sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration, will be held on April 28 from 10:00 to 2:00.
Residents living throughout Pennsylvania can take advantage of Drug Take-Back Day to properly dispose of expired and unused prescription drugs, opioids and other medicines.
Senator Yaw also sponsored a Senate Resolution  recognizing April 28 as National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, to bring attention to statewide events taking place throughout the Commonwealth.
During the October 2017 "National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, ",Pennsylvania law enforcement collected 36,909 pounds of prescription drugs. Nationally, over 912,000 pounds were collected in 2017 by 4,274 law enforcement agencies.
“Take-Back Day is an excellent way to reduce drug abuse and misuse across the board,” Sen. Yaw said. “It’s not only about preventing people from stealing or abusing prescription drugs, but it’s also about preventing accidental use and overdose, especially by our senior population. Further, many people are unsure on how to properly dispose of the medications so they flush them down the toilet or throw them in the garbage. This can lead to the medications entering into our water supply, which is a huge environmental concern.”
Locations of drug take-back collection sites in Pennsylvania are available on the DEA Drug Take-Back Day website.
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