Friday, February 3, 2017

PPL Awarded $3.3 Million DOE SunShot Grant For Solar-Grid Integration Project

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy SunShot Initiative Tuesday announced up to $30 million in new projects to support the integration of solar energy into the nation’s electric grid, while diversifying the nation’s electricity sources and improving the reliability and security of the electric grid.
In Pennsylvania, PPL Utilities was awarded $3.3 million, the largest grant, for a project that integrates solar energy into the local grid.
SunShot said, “This project leverages several different grid technologies to deploy a distributed system platform that bridges the gap between existing and future technologies by monitoring, controlling, and optimizing a high penetration of solar generation. PPL is also developing a multi-layer device and communications architecture and a 500-customer pilot on at least 10 distribution circuits. The project team plans to perform an extensive one-year demonstration, proving all of the target parameters before deploying it system-wide.
“SunShot is working to lower the cost and complexity of integrating solar with the electric grid,” says SunShot Director Charlie Gay. “These projects give grid operators the tools to manage a modern electric grid.”
SunShot selected 13 projects under the ENERGISE funding program to enable grid operators to access up-to-the-minute measurement and forecasting data from distributed energy sources and optimize system performance using sensor, communication and data analytics technologies.
These projects will help to improve the reliability of the nation’s energy grid by providing utilities with dynamic, automated and cost-effective management of solar and other distributed energy sources. These software and hardware solutions will be highly scalable, data-driven, and capable of fully optimizing system operation and planning.
For more information on the program, visit DOE’s Sunshot Initiative webpage.

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