Friday, February 17, 2017

DEP Citizens Advisory Council Holds Online Only Meeting February 21

The DEP Citizens Advisory Council is scheduled to hold an online-only meeting February 21 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. to hear an update on agency activities from DEP Acting Secretary Patrick McDonnell.
Click Here to participate online.
This month’s DEP Report To Council highlights activities and actions within the agency--
-- AML Funding Down: DEP noted 2017 federal Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program Grant was $9.4 million lower than last year due to the decline in coal production.  AML funding comes from per ton fee on each ton of coal mined.
-- Mining Policy Review: The Bureau of Mining Programs is systematically reviewing its library of technical guidance documents to identify documents requiring changes.
-- Nonattainment Areas: DEP expects to learn by June 3 if its recommendations for ozone nonattainment areas related to the new federal ozone standard will be changed by EPA.
-- eDMR Request Backlog: 1,199 requests to register for DEP’s eDMR NPDES Water Quality reporting program are still pending.  DEP is likely to have a difficult time meeting EPA’s target of having 90 percent or more participation in the eDMR system by June 2017 due to staffing limitations.
-- More Chesapeake Bay Funding: DEP said obtaining additional funding for the Chesapeake Bay cleanup program is a primary goal of DEP.
-- Year To Date Oil and Gas Enforcement Actions based on inspections (January 1-21, 2017): conventional drillers - 76 violations, 7 enforcement action (589 inspections); unconventional (Marcellus) drillers-- 8 violations, 4 enforcement actions (730 inspections).
For more information, visit the DEP Citizens Advisory Council webpage or contact Katie Hetherington Cunfer by calling 717-705-2693 or send email to:  

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