Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sen. Yudichak Calls For Task Force To Investigate Threat Of Lead Exposure In PA

Sen. John Yudichak (D-Luzerne), Minority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, Tuesday announced he and other lawmakers will soon reintroduce a resolution [Senate Resolution 33] that creates a bipartisan task force to investigate the scope of Pennsylvania’s lead exposure problem
The resolution directs the task force to recommend changes to existing laws, regulations, and procedures that will reduce the risk of lead contamination in Pennsylvania’s schools, daycare centers, homes, and water-delivery infrastructure.
The resolution also creates an advisory committee, reporting to the Joint State Government Commission, that will work closely with the Senate task force to complete its review and produce a report detailing its findings and recommendations to the Senate within 18-months.
The advisory committee will include cabinet secretaries, pediatricians, representatives of water authorities and private companies, maintenance workers in school districts, and the Executive Director of the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania.
“We cannot eliminate the threat posed by lead contamination until we know the true extent of the problem in Pennsylvania’s homes, schools, daycare centers, and water-delivery infrastructure,” said Sen. Yudichak. “The task force will leverage the expertise of medical professionals, agency officials, and industry leaders who combat the dangers of lead contamination every day and are best suited to recommend policies and procedures to improve the quality of Pennsylvania’s drinking water. Pennsylvanians should never fear for theirs or their children’s health when they pour water from the faucet or drink from a water fountain.”
Sen. Yudichak can be contacted by sending email to: yudichak@pasenate.com or call 717-787-7105.
For more information on lead in water, visit DEP’s Lead In Drinking Water webpage.
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