Friday, February 3, 2017

Governor’s Updated Regulatory Agenda: DEP To Consider At Least 5 Fee Increase Regs This Year

The Governor’s Office published its latest Regulatory Agenda in the January 4 PA Bulletin showing which regulations will considered by state agencies over the next year or so, including Agriculture, DCNR, DEP and other agencies. (PA Bulletin, page 740)
Here are some highlights of regulations expected to be considered--
-- Agriculture (page 741)
-- Rabies Prevention and Control - Proposed, March
-- Conservation Easement Purchase Program - Proposed, April
-- Conservation and Natural Resources (page 743)
-- Snowmobile and ATV Grants - Proposed, September
-- Conservation of PA Native Wild Plants - Proposed, October
-- Environmental Hearing Board (page 748)
-- EHB Practice and Procedures - Final, Winter
-- Environmental Protection (page 749)
-- Handling and Use of Explosives - Final, 1st Quarter
-- Drinking Water Fee Increases - Proposed, 2nd Quarter
-- Laboratory Accreditation Fee Increase - Final, 2nd Quarter
-- Triennial Review Of Water Quality Standards - Proposed, 2nd Quarter
-- Drinking Water Disinfection Rule - Final, 3rd Quarter
-- Storage Tank Program Update - Proposed, 3rd Quarter
-- Radiation Protection Program Fee Increases - Final, 3rd Quarter
-- Noncoal Mining Fee Increases - Proposed, 4th Quarter
-- Oil & Gas Well Drilling, Chapter 78, D - Proposed, 4th Quarter
-- Conventional Oil & Gas Well Performance Standards - Proposed, 4th Quarter
-- Nutrient Credit Trading and Offset Program - Proposed, 4th Quarter
-- Onlot Sewage System Program Update - Proposed, 4th Quarter
-- Repeal of Pittsburgh Low-RVP Gasoline Requirement - Final, 4th Quarter
-- Stage II VOC Control Decommissioning - Proposed, 4th Quarter
-- Air Quality Program Fee Increases - Proposed, 4th Quarter
Each listing has a contact person and a short description of the regulation to be considered.
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