Friday, February 3, 2017

Acting DEP Secretary Joins U.S. Senator Casey To Discuss Energy Efficiency

On January 26, Acting DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell joined PennEnviornment and the Academy of Natural Sciences for a discussion with U.S. Senator Bob Casey on how to defend the federal Clean Air Act and climate change in a new era of unprecedented attacks on climate science and clean energy.
Secretary McDonnell covered topics of reducing fossil fuels, energy efficiency, climate adaptation and how to educate the residents of Pennsylvania, saying--
“Reducing fossil fuels is about momentum. We are hoping to create a momentum for solar deployment from this effort and increase agreement among utilities, businesses, and government on the value of solar. And throughout it all, we want to document the process. I do believe that one of the definitions of success is that it be replicable.
"We are working on energy efficiency initiatives focusing in low-income communities that engage energy-level workers in building energy assessments and will include market partners that will execute retrofit implementations and overcome many barriers currently impeding progress in building energy efficiency, such as cost of assessments, connecting with legitimate retrofit contractors, and lack of financing.
"And finally it is important to educate Pennsylvanians not only about the impacts about what needs to be done, but about what they need to do to lessen their carbon footprint. The science is settled and everyone can do something, whether it be to seal and insulate your home, recycle and dispose of waste properly, or to share rides or opt for other modes of transportation. Making these changes have a great impact to creating a path forward for the future.”
(Reprinted from the Feb. 3 DEP News.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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