Friday, October 21, 2016

Philadelphia Enforcing Dramatically Lower Sulfur Standard For Fuel Oil

The City of Philadelphia published notice in the October 22 PA Bulletin of a proposed revision to the State Air Quality Implementation Plan adopting a 15 ppm sulfur standard for commercial fuel oil in Philadelphia.  
DEP has a statewide standard of 500 ppm of sulfur for heating oil.
Philadelphia adopted and has been enforcing the 15 ppm standard since July 1, 2015.
The environmental benefits of 15 ppm sulfur heating oil,* especially when combined with biofuel blends of even 2 percent, lowers the greenhouse gas emissions of heating oil to levels lower than natural gas.
In addition, particulate matter emissions are reduced by 75 percent and nitrogen oxides by 80 percent.
15 ppm sulfur heating oil can be used with existing equipment and will result in lower maintenance costs for furnace owners.
Ultra low sulfur heating oil is rapidly becoming the industry standard across the Northeast, but many states, including Pennsylvania, lag behind in adopting the standard.
Comments on the Philadelphia regulation are due November 22.   
For more information, contact Ramesh Mahadevan, Philadelphia Air Management Services, by sending email to:
*Courtesy of AMERIgreen Energy Company in Lancaster.

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