Thursday, October 20, 2016

DEP Begins Reclamation Of Abandoned Coal Mine Highwall In Jefferson County

To reclaim a poorly revegetated former mine site, the Department of Environmental Protection Knox District Mining Office Thursday announced it has awarded a Government Financed Construction Contract to P. and N. Coal Company, Inc., of. Punxsutawney, Jefferson County.
The contract includes reclamation of 9.9 acres of poorly revegetated and inadequately reclaimed highwall and the incidental removal of coal at no cost to the Commonwealth.
In addition, the reclamation project will enhance past mining operations through reforestation as well as reducing sedimentation loading to local waterways.  
“Initial reclamation efforts did not sustain vegetation and were insufficient to maintain optimal site reclamation,” said Joe Ferrara, Knox district mining manager. “The work by P. and N. Coal will resolve these on-going issues and provide sustainable reclamation.”
The reclamation will occur within the Redbank Creek sub-basin, along both sides of Mayo Road, approximately four miles southwest of Brookville.
The estimated value of the reclamation work is $348,800 and is expected to completed within the next thirty months. This contract will employ approximately five full-time equipment operators and four part-time truck drivers.

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