Monday, August 29, 2016

PEC: How Important Are Building Codes To Saving Energy? Very

The PA Environmental Council Monday published a primer on the state’s Uniform Construction Code and how important the state’s uniform building code in particular is to an effective strategy for saving energy.
Building codes, and the process by which they are adopted and enforced, can be complex and difficult to understand.
To help everyone from municipal leaders, consumer advocates, and green building supporters to better understand the challenge surrounding updating the Commonwealth’s building code, PEC has created the primer to explain the issue.
Not only does the document highlight the history of Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code, but also focuses on the negative impacts of out-of-date code like household energy costs, insurance costs, and the burden it places on municipalities.
A copy of the primer is available online.
The latest attempt to update the process for updating the state’s Uniform Construction Code is House Bill 568 (Evankovich-R-Allegheny) which is set for a final concurrence vote in the House at any time ,after being amended in the Senate before the summer break.  A Senate Fiscal Note and summary is available.
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