Friday, January 29, 2016

Partnership For Delaware Estuary Looking For Mussel Volunteers

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary needs your help locating streams with mussels, as well as those with no mussels at all.
Working with local watershed organizations, volunteer partners play an important role in helping scientists monitor the health and locations of these extremely threatened animals, and identifying streams in need of mussel restoration.
Freshwater mussels are facing an uncertain future in our local waterways.  Once abundant in both numbers and varieties, many freshwater mussel species in the Delaware Estuary are now in danger of extinction.
Streams without mussels are at a serious disadvantage. Mussels provide valuable natural benefits, such as fortifying streambeds against erosion, and removing particles and nutrients that benefit other plants and animals.
Additionally, a single mussel can filter up to 10 gallons of water per day.  Imagine a healthy population of these filter-feeding powerhouses doing the work of a man made water treatment plant!
For information on training, a guidebook, data sheets and more, visit the Partnership’s Mussel Survey webpage.

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