Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Computer Recycling, Asset Management Conference Feb. 19 Greensburg

On February 19 at 1:00 p.m., Commonwealth Computer Recycling will hold Western Pennsylvania’s first e-waste and asset management conference focused on the education sector. Held at the firm’s corporate headquarters in Greensburg, Westmoreland County.
The event will be open to the public on an RSVP basis as there are limited seats available.
IT and business professionals at academic institutions are invited to attend to learn more about the legal, environmental, and economic impacts of e-waste and data breaches. The open format discussion will also advise attendees on how to select vendors and how to maximize returns on end-of-life assets.
“As one of the largest buyers of PCs & laptops, IT professionals need to understand the legal and economic impact of end of life assets,” commented Serdar Bankaci, the CEO of Commonwealth. “This is great way for industry professionals to get straightforward answers to often confusing questions.”
Schools’ CFOs and Business Managers are also invited to attend, “because at the end of the day, IT assets are as much a security topic as they are a business topic–particularly when schools are purchasing new assets every 18-24 months,” noted Bankaci. “We have seen both ends of the spectrum…some schools are very diligent about selecting proper vendors, while other schools have no process in place and leave money on the table.”
This event will be held at Commonwealth Computer Recycling’s corporate headquarters located at 1628 Roseytown Rd Unit 8, Greensburg PA 15601.
To RSVP for the Academic E-Waste and Asset Management Conference please visit the Conference webpage.
For more information, visit the Commonwealth Computer Recycling website.  [Note: CCR is not affiliated with state government.]

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