Monday, November 23, 2015

Wolf Wants Republicans To Adopt The Budget Framework They Agreed To, End This Nonsense

Gov. Tom Wolf told the Pennsylvania Press Club Monday the budget framework announced November 10 is in deep peril because Republicans came to him late last week and said they do not have the votes to pass the framework they agreed to.
Wolf said he wants Senate and House Republican leaders to stick to the agreement and get the votes and “end this nonsense.”  He said he wants a budget passed by Thanksgiving as they promised.
One other alternative, Wolf said, is to pass any full spending plan they can pass by next Friday.  He said he will not sign a stopgap funding bill.
Instead of working on passing the budget framework, Wolf said, Senate Republicans have focused on voting a property tax elimination bill-- Senate Bill 76-- that is not part of the framework and which Wolf said he would veto.
Instead, he said, House Republicans passed a liquor reform bill that was identical to the bill he vetoed in July.
“We had an agreement; I’d like to get back to that. The ball is in the Republicans’ court,” said Wolf
When asked about a natural gas severance tax, Wolf said Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly support a severance tax.
Click Here for a copy of Wolf’s remarks.
Wolf: Proposed Budget Deal In Peril, GOP Lacks Support

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