Thursday, November 19, 2015

EPA Settles Safety Violations With Gas Processing Facilities In McKean, Warren Counties

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Thursday announced a settlement for alleged environmental violations by the owner and operator of five natural gas processing plants in McKean and Warren Counties, Pa. and one in Putnam County, W.Va.   
All six of the natural gas operations have come into compliance with risk management and chemical safety requirements that will better protect the health and safety of employees, local residents, and the environment.
Under this agreement, Elkhorn Investments, LLC, and Elkhorn Gas Processing, LLC will pay a $50,221 penalty.
The alleged violations are under two separate sections of the Clean Air Act -- one requiring effective risk management planning and the other, known as the General Duty Clause, making owners and operators of facilities with regulated hazardous substances responsible for managing chemicals safely.   
Specific compliance measures now completed under a September 2014 EPA order include:
— Constructing drainage and spill containment areas;
— Ensuring proper venting on waste oil tanks;
— Installing vehicular protection for bullet tanks;
— Installing warning systems in two facilities to notify employees of gas releases or fires; and
— Revising emergency response plans.
The natural gas processing plants receive raw natural gas from well sites, remove the impurities, and route the processed natural gas into an interstate gas pipeline system.

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