Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DEP Pipeline Task Force To Schedule Extra Meeting To Consider Recommendations

DEP’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force met for 3 hours Wednesday to start its review of 184 recommendations in the draft Task Force report released by DEP on November 9.  
One conclusion the members came to was they needed more time to discuss recommendations that were not agreed to by work group members.
DEP Secretary John Quigley agreed to look for a date in December for the Task Force to continue its review.
On Tuesday, DEP surveyed the members of the Task Force on the issues they agreed with, opposed or needed to discuss more.  Quigley said the results showed there was agreement on many of the recommendations.  He used the survey results to guide which recommendations the Task Force discussed Wednesday.
Task Force members recommended and Quigley agreed to look at re-surveying the members on the recommendations so they could get a clearer picture of what should be discussed at the next meeting.
Quigley said DEP would be developing a list of which agencies were responsible for which recommendations and a draft implementation plan.
Quigley also said DEP was drafting, and would share with the Task Force, a preamble to the report and a cover letter from the Task Force that members would be asked to sign.
DEP is now accepting public comments on the report until December 14 through DEP’s  eComment webpage.
The draft report can be found here.
For more information, visit DEP’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force webpage. A video of Wednesday’s meeting will be posted on the Task Force webpage.
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