Tuesday, September 22, 2015

PennTAP Pollution Prevention, Energy Efficiency Evaluation Webinar Oct. 15

PennTAP will hold a webinar on October 15 starting at noon on the process for completing a Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Review at a facility and outline the benefits for your company.
PennTAP's aim is for each company to save money through the reduction in energy, the reduction in the purchase cost for raw materials, and the reduction of costs for waste management. Assessments are covered by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and are provided at no cost to you.
The webinar will be presented by Ron Johnson, PennTAP Technical Advisor.
Click Here for more information and to register.  Click Here for other webinars, including archived copies of past webinars.  Click Here for more information, visit PennTAP’s Energy and Environment Services webpage.  You can also call 814-865-0427 or send email to: penntap@psu.edu for more information on PennTAP.
(Reprinted from the Fall edition of PennTAP newsletter.)

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