Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Act Now To Include Your Ad In 2016 Fish & Boat Summary Book

What do more than 1 million licensed anglers in Pennsylvania do before their first cast of the season? They pick up a copy of the Fish and Boat Commission’s Summary of Fishing Laws and Regulations.
Businesses who want to reach those anglers should act now to reserve advertising space in the 2016 Fishing Summary Book. Interested advertisers should contact Engle Printing & Publishing Co., Inc. at 1-888-998-0534 for rate and placement information.
The deadline for contacting Engle Printing & Publishing Co. is October 9.
The PFBC establishes the text of the summary book and distributes it through its fishing license issuing agents and uses revenues from ad sales to offset the cost of publishing 1 million summary books.
This is of particular importance in a time of tight budgets and is an example of the PFBC’s commitment to manage angler and boater dollars wisely.
In addition, accepting advertisements into the summary book has also provided the opportunity to use full-color printing. As a result, the PFBC has been able to enhance the information provided in the summary book, such as a fish identification guide for popular sportfish.
For advertisers, there’s the added bonus of now having your ad appear both in the printed summary book and in the online version of the publication.
A copy of the summary book is provided free of charge to everyone purchasing a Pennsylvania fishing license at any of the approximately 900 license issuing agents throughout the Commonwealth.
Engle Printing & Publishing Co., Inc. serves as the Fishing Summary Book publisher and handles all advertising accounts. Promotional advertising does not constitute endorsement by PFBC or Engle Printing & Publishing Co., Inc.Engle’s advertising rate card is available online.

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