Thursday, June 25, 2015

Riverfest 2015 Celebrates the Susquehanna In Wilkes-Barre

Staff from DEP's Northeast Regional Office recently took part in RiverFest 2015 held along the banks of the Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre.
DEP's interactive exhibit, titled: “Protecting the Susquehanna: Our River,” was geared to kids and gave youngsters an up-close look at the insects that live in/on the river and how important they are to the health of the water.
(Photo: DEP Waterways and Wetlands Biologist Shane Kleiner shows visitors some of the insects that are important to water quality.)
The kids also took part in a discovery exercise to see how DEP protects the river from illegal dumping and accidental spills.
Staff also explained the importance of keeping the river clean and what people can do to maintain the river’s health.
(Reprinted from the June 25 DEP News.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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