Thursday, June 18, 2015

PA Firefly Festival June 27 In Tionesta, Forest County

The Pennsylvania Firefly Festival will be held on June 27 from noon to midnight in Forest County, at the Black Caddis Ranch B&B, in Kellettville, 15 miles east of Tionesta on  Route 666.
Visitors to the festival can expect to see the firefly displays after 10 pm, but during the day (between 12-noon and sunset) there will be exhibits, arts/crafts, music, food and fun for kids.
If you are coming for the day, we suggest you dress appropriately for the weather and hiking, but bring extra gear for the evening and inclement weather. A camp chair is a must to give you seating for the music, and later in forest to provide you comfort while viewing the fireflies.
You may want to bring a picnic or beverages, but we're hoping to have food vendors and water will be available.
Trained volunteers and naturalists will be available throughout the festival to provide information about the fireflies, the area and "Firefly Viewing Etiquette."
We encourage you to find a volunteer to help you optimize your experience and learn how to protect the habitat of this unique natural phenomenon.
For more information, visit the Pennsylvania Firefly Festival website.
(Reprinted from the June EE Resources newsletter from the PA Association of Environmental Educators.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy on the EE Resources website.)

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