Thursday, April 23, 2015

Capital Region Water Announces City Beautiful H2O Campaign, Contest

For Earth Day, Capital Region Water announced “City Beautiful H2O,” a historic campaign to improve the health of Harrisburg’s local waterways by reducing combined sewer overflows and reducing stormwater pollutants.
A major focus of the campaign will be community engagement and education.
“Just over a century ago, the City of Harrisburg was suffering terrible conditions including raw sewage along the river bank, dirty drinking water, and sanitation issues,” said Capital Region Water CEO Shannon Williams. “These conditions prompted civic leaders to rally the community together to develop a plan to improve conditions throughout the city through what is known as the City Beautiful movement. We want to again unite our community to get the most out of our work for the City and our local waterways.”
Shannon was joined by Tina Sell, Education Manager at the Susquehanna Art Museum, Cheryl Capozzoli STEM Coordinator at the Harrisburg School District, and students from Marshall Math Science Academy at the launch event.
The initiative includes--
-- City Beautiful H2O: Capital Region Water’s City Beautiful H2O campaign will actively engage the Harrisburg community while making plans to reduce combined sewer overflows and stormwater pollution in Harrisburg.
-- Art Contest: To help spread the word and increase interest in water issues, Capital Region Water announced a City Beautiful H2O Art Contest in partnership with the Susquehanna Art Museum.  Click Here to learn more or call 888-510-0606.
-- Community Ambassador Committee: Capital Region Water also announced the formation of a Community Ambassador Committee to gain insight from community stakeholders. This committee will meet with staff monthly to discuss  issues in more detail and will be asked to provide feedback to Capital Region Water. Interested participants are asked to submit a resume and cover letter by email to: or to call 888-510-0606 for more information.
-- Green Infrastructure: Capital Region Water also announced that their Green Stormwater Infrastructure Master Plan would begin later this summer. Public meetings will be scheduled soon for community education and feedback.
For more information, visit Capital Region Water’s City Beautiful H2O webpage.

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