Thursday, January 29, 2015

Erie To Host 2015 Great Lakes Children’s Water Festival, Seeking Volunteers

The 2015 Great Lakes Children’s Water Festival organized by the national Water Systems Council will be held at Penn State Erie and Behrend College on May 14.
The students will be coming from the surrounding school districts. At the festival they will learn about their precious water  resources through dynamic and interactive activities. Topics covered include drinking water, groundwater, watersheds, surface water, private well systems, and water quality and conservation.
Volunteers Needed
At the festival the Water Systems Council enlists the help of hundreds of volunteers, including many WSC members, and also participants from local, state, and national organizations who work as presenters of activities, class guides, dining hall volunteers, registration assistants, and logistical coordinators.
Of course there are many expenses involved in putting on the festival. Historically one of the greatest expenses is the funds given to schools to cover their transportation costs. Today many school districts are financially strapped and have cut field trips as a way to trim their budgets. The Council is very excited that, with the financial support of our sponsors, they can offer this educational experience to so many students and their teachers at no cost.
Sponsors Invited
The Water Systems Council works with its members as well as organizations and businesses from the host area to help meet these expenses. Contributors not only enjoy the incentives of their tax deductible sponsorship, they also derive satisfaction from knowing they are giving back to society by helping to educate children about something of the utmost importance - our water resources.
The Water Systems Council is a national nonprofit organization with programs solely focused on the private water wells and small, shared wells serving more than 43 million Americans nationwide.
If you are interested in being involved, please contact WSC Executive Director Margaret Martens by calling 202-625-4387 or send email to:

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