Thursday, July 31, 2014

PA Parks & Forest Foundation President To Cycle 88 Miles In One Day To Raise Funds

Putting her pedals behind her message, PA Parks and Forest Foundation President Marci Mowery is cycling to support the foundation’s work for state parks and forests with a Ohiopyle State Park to Point State Park ride.
On September 9, Marci and PPFF Membership Coordinator Pam Metzger will hop on their bikes and ride from the foundation’s Western PA office in Confluence, through Ohiopyle State Park, and on to Point State Park—88 miles—in one day.
The vital funds raised by the ride will support PPFF’s work to enhance, conserve and protect Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests.
“The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation has been making a difference for 15 years,” Marci Mowery says, “Improving parks and forests through the establishment of friends groups, working on special programs, accessibility projects and trainings, and getting people excited about outdoor recreation opportunities across the state. Riding on the Great Allegheny Passage, we will test our will power and humor to support that important work.”
This is also a ride to continue the conversation about remaining active throughout your lifespan and the value of outdoor recreation to mental, physical and emotional well being. Mowery says one of the challenges for her will be dealing with the arthritis in her hands for the length of the ride.
“Anyone who knows Marci knows that she loves to just jump right into things and all too often she drags the rest of us along, kicking and screaming. In the case in question, it's kicking and singing,” Pam Metzger says. “It'll be fun no matter what, but it certainly would be more fun knowing we're raising a lot of money for the cause.”
Upon arrival at Point State Park, Pam and Marci will break into a Pennsylvania-centric rendition of "Bicycle Race" by Queen, the length of which will be determined by the amount of funds raised.
They also hope to take a kayak trip using the park's new ADA EZ launch—a joint venture between the Hillman Foundation, Point State Park, and PPFF—on the day following their bike ride… body willing.
Follow her on Twitter at #OSP2PSP.  Visit Marci’s fundraising page for more information, and to make a donation.

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