Friday, July 18, 2014

July 21 PA Environment Digest Now Available

The July 21 PA Environment Digest is now available.  Click Here to Print Entire Digest. 

Court Dismisses Challenges To Act 13, Enjoins PUC Review Of Local Ordinances
Commonwealth Court Thursday dismissed the remaining challenges to the Act 13 drilling law remanded for reconsideration by the PA Supreme Court, but did enjoin the Public Utility Commission from reviewing local ordinances regulating drilling consistent with the higher Court’s ruling in December.

More Drilling On DCNR Land Delayed Until Court Rules On Oil & Gas Fund Challenges
Commonwealth attorneys Friday announced they have negotiated a settlement in the case of PEDF v. Commonwealth, ensuring the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources receives essential funding while preserving the opportunity to present the Commonwealth’s case in court. 

DEP: Fiscal Code Provision On Conventional Wells Delays Drilling Regs 2-3 Months
DEP Secretary Chris Abruzzo told the DEP Citizens Advisory Council Tuesday the provision in the Fiscal Code bill passed by the General Assembly as part of the budget requiring DEP to have separate environmental requirements for conventional oil and gas wells will delay finalizing the Act 13 Chapter 78 drilling regulations for several months. 

Secretary Abruzzo: I’ll Continue To Advocate For An Increase In DEP’s Budget
DEP Secretary Chris Abruzzo told the DEP Citizens Advisory Council Tuesday he was very grateful for the $11.5 million increase in DEP’s FY 2014-15 budget this year and said he would continue to advocate for an increase in DEP’s budget because of the critical work done by the agency. 

Non-Surface Disturbance Natural Gas Leasing On July 30 DCNR Committee Agenda
DCNR’s Natural Gas Advisory Committee will meet on July 30 to hear an update on the proposed non-surface disturbance natural gas leasing of State Park and State Forest land for additional drilling.

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