Thursday, July 10, 2014

Latest DEP Video Highlights Restoration of Bennett Branch/Sinnemahoning Creek

The latest in a series of educational videos highlighting the wide-ranging work of DEP staff is now available on the department's YouTube channel.
The new video tells the story of the remediation of acid mine drainage discharges that plagued the Bennett Branch/ Sinnemahoning Creek in Elk, Clearfield and Cameron counties for decades.  Through a collaborative effort by state, federal and local governments, along with input from local watershed groups and other stakeholders, the Hollywood Treatment Plant was completed in 2012.
DEP Secretary E. Christopher  Abruzzo unveiled the video during his keynote address to the Statewide Conference on Abandoned Mine Reclamation on June 27.
The $14 million plant was designed to treat an average of 7,000 gallons per day from 21 different discharges. DEP maintains ownership of the plant and oversees its operation.
The once bright orange stream that was devoid of any life now runs clear, and for only the second time in 100 years was stocked with trout this spring.
DEP worked with Commonwealth Media Services to produce the video that is part of a series of educational videos DEP developed as part of its Public Participation and Education Initiative launched last fall.
Click Here to watch the video.

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