Sunday, July 25, 2010

REAP Farm Conservation Tax Credits Apps Accepted Starting August 2

The Department of Agriculture will begin accepting applications for the first-come, first-served Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Farm Conservation Tax Credits on August 2.
$4.5 million was appropriated for credits in the FY 2010-11 budget, down from $10 million in FY 2008-09.
Eligible applicants may receive between 50 percent and 75 percent of project costs as state tax credits for up to $150,000 per agricultural operation. The amount of tax credit available to a recipient is dependent on the type of BMP implemented.
Tax credits for 75 percent of eligible costs include the following: Nutrient Management Plan, Ag. E&S Plan and/or Conservation Plan development. BMPs for ACAs and barnyard runoff, stream bank fencing with 50 foot forested riparian buffers, and 50 foot forested riparian buffers.
Tax credits for 50 percent of eligible costs include: Any Commission approved BMP or equipment necessary to reduce existing sediment and nutrient concerns, such as: manure storage systems, alternative manure treatment practices, filter strips, grassed waterways, management intensive grazing systems and no till planting equipment. Stream bank fencing with 35 foot riparian buffers (grassed or forested).
For more information, visit the REAP webpage or contact Mary Bender at 717-787-8821 or send email to:

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