Friday, July 23, 2010

New DEP Marcellus Shale Examiner Newsletter

The Department of Environmental Protection is launching a new weekly e-newsletter on Marcellus Shale natural gas issues called the Marcellus Shale Examiner. The following is from the sign-up webpage just put online--
In the past three years, Pennsylvania has become the epicenter of natural gas exploration with dozens of companies seeking to capitalize on the abundant natural resources in the Marcellus Shale formation. The consequences of this rapidly growing industry affect us all.
In the coming months, policy makers will be working on important issues related to drilling in Pennsylvania. From enacting a severance tax so large drilling firms pay their fair share, to writing laws that could affect landowners’ rights when it comes to drilling on or under their property, there will be a tremendous amount of focus on drilling-related issues.
To follow all of these developments, register now for the Marcellus Shale Examiner. This weekly e-newsletter will chronicle the latest news on Marcellus Shale activities, including:
-- How county and local governments and emergency responders are handling the drilling rush taking place in their backyards;
-- How state agencies are working to protect Pennsylvania's natural resources and keep communities safe;
-- How the public and landowners are responding to pressures to lease their land or tracts in their neighborhoods for drilling;
-- How drilling companies operating in Pennsylvania have received billions of dollars from foreign nations and large multinational corporations that are anxious to get a piece of the action; and
-- How state officials are addressing the issues associated with drilling.
Whether you are a citizen, public official, business leader, environmentalist or emergency responder, it's important that you understand the impact drilling into the Marcellus Shale has on our communities today and what it will mean for our state tomorrow.

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