Monday, July 26, 2010

Allegheny Conference: 70 Percent Of Marcellus Shale Workers From Out-Of-State

Laura Fisher, Senior Vice President of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development stated recently that 70 percent of six of the high priority occupations in the drilling workforce are not local to Pennsylvania. According to DEP, there was an average of 112 wells drilled per month in 2010.
Penn State's State Cooperative Extension Division says that it takes approximately 400 individuals to drill a well. Based on these statistics, one can easily estimate that there are easily over 10,000 gas workers in Pennsylvania from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado and Wyoming.
More drilling rigs are coming to Pennsylvania.
According to individuals at the Northern Tier Marcellus Expo, companies will be bringing considerably more rigs to Pennsylvania for drilling. While the gas companies have tried to hire local Pennsylvanians, they met with limited success for a number of reasons. Look for more gas workers to come into the state in the next year.
" was developed to meet the needs of the gas workers coming into Pennsylvania," stated Joe Barone, President,
"Our online directory is uniquely positioned to service the gas workers and their families already in the state as well as new ones coming into Pennsylvania in the next year," he further added.
PAGasDirectory is the leading online directory that connects the natural gas industry with local Pennsylvania businesses.
The directory has over 116,000 Pennsylvania businesses organized on a county by county in the 53 counties in the Marcellus Shale area. It is the website where gas workers, their spouses, and families find local Pennsylvania businesses.
For more information about the website, contact Joe Barone, 610.764.1232 or send email to: or visit PA Gas Directory.

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