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The Derrick: PUC To Hold May 21 Prehearing On Future Of Venango Water Company; Water Source Contaminated By Conventional Oil Well Wastewater Spill

May 14, 2024, The Derrick reported Administrative Law Judge Mark A. Hoyer has scheduled a May 21 prehearing telephone conference as part of the Public Utility Commission investigation into the future of the Venango Water Company.

The purpose of the prehearing is to establish a formal hearing schedule and discuss the next steps in determining whether the Commission should issue an order to have another public utility acquire the Venango Water Company.

This action continues the PUC’s  response to the problems caused by the oil well spill that contaminated the Bellows Spring water supply last July, resulting in a “do not consume” advisory in the Village of Reno that lasted six weeks.

The PUC in August issued an emergency order to Aqua Pennsylvania to operate the Venango Water Company so clean water would continue to be provided to its customers.

The new PUC action was prompted by the desire of Randall and Kevin Rhodes, operators of the Venango Water Company for the Rhodes Estate, to cease being certified operators for their water companies.

The Estate also owns the Sugarcreek Water Company, West Hickory Water Company, Plumber Water Company, Fryburg Water Company, Cooperstown Water Company and the Blane E. Rhodes Sewer Company and their future may also be considered in the PUC case.  

Only official parties to the proceeding can participate in this prehearing.

The parties include Randall Rhodes, the PUC Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement, the Office of Consumer Advocate (Attorney General), Office of Small Business Advocate, Aqua Pennsylvania (the present Venango Water Company operator) and Pennsylvania American Water (operator of water companies in the area).

The public can listen to the prehearing call.  The conference begins at 10:00 a.m.

Instructions for joining the call can be found in the notice of the prehearing.

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