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PA GreenGov Council, Penn State Sustainability Host 4-Part Sustainability Webinar Series Starting Jan. 12

PA GreenGov Council and the Penn State Sustainability will host a four-part sustainability webinar series on a variety of topics starting January 12.

The series is intended to give participants opportunities to hear from subject matter experts and receive updates on each topic to enrich their knowledge while engaging in group conversations.

This series will also be a useful tool for agencies to explore options and develop sustainability initiatives while receiving credit within their GreenGov Agency Certification Checklist program areas. Specifically, the series supports Checklist efforts under the "Culture" category on Employee and Public Engagement (sections 13 and 14).


The webinars will be held from 1:00 to 1:45 p.m.--

-- January 12: Climate & Environmental Health: The state Department of Health has been doing a significant amount of work recently around environmental health, environmental justice, and the impact of a changing climate on health. Learn how DOH is addressing its core objectives around ambient air quality, heat-related hospitalizations, and lead exposures.

-- February 9: Encouraging Sustainable Behavior - Sustainable Pittsburgh: Sustainable Pittsburgh was established in 1998 and has been advancing the goals of equity, environmental and economic success in Southwestern Pennsylvania ever since. Learn how Sustainable Pittsburgh works to encourage sustainable behavior by supporting Sustainable Pennsylvania Certifications, restaurant certifications, and many other initiatives that advance sustainable behavior.

-- March 15: Sustainable Transportation - PA Turnpike: The PA Turnpike was the first of its kind and received nationwide acclaim as an engineering marvel. It was touted as America's First Superhighway when it opened on October 1, 1940, and was the national standard for superhighway design and engineering. Now the PA Turnpike is leading the way on sustainable transportation initiatives - learn how this iconic highway is transforming into a roadway of the future!

-- April 12: Sustainable Building Initiative: Buildings are responsible for a large percentage greenhouse gas operational emissions nationally. Penn State and the Commonwealth are partnering to advance sustainable building education, with a goal of improving building designs and construction practices in our portfolios. Join in to learn what's coming next to advance sustainable buildings!

Click Here to register for these webinars and for more information.

Previous Webinars

The PA GreenGov Council and the Penn State Sustainability Initiative hosted two previous webinars in this series which are available on demand--

-- Sustainable Procurement: Interface Carpet is one of the most sustainable corporations in the world, dedicated to net positive environmental impacts and "beyond zero" carbon emissions. Penn State is committed to green procurement procedures to minimize the impacts of its purchases. What happens when the two organizations synergize for Penn State's Smarter Carpet Initiative and how can you think similarly about making your procurement practices more sustainable?  Click Here to watch.

-- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Repair Cafes are gaining momentum! These Cafés provide a community response and engagement that is helping to address our "throw-away" culture. Hear about Pennsylvania's first Repair Café and how the model can be expanded within Pennsylvania.  Click Here to watch.

Visit the PA GreenGov Council and Penn State Sustainability Webinar webpage for more information on these webinars.

[Posted: December 15, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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