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PUC Again Reminds Consumers Of Dec. 1 Price Changes: Natural Gas (+149% to -64.2%); Electric (+18.8% to -25.7%)

On November 29, the
Public Utility Commission again alerted consumers that many natural gas and electric utilities are adjusting their energy supply prices on December 1 and reminding households to understand those changes, explore options to manage winter energy bills, and #CallUtilitiesNow to discuss affordability programs.

Natural Gas Prices

Natural Gas distribution company price change range from 149% increase to a 64.2% decrease for residential customers--

-- Columbia Gas of PA, decrease from $0.46849 to $0.2881 per therm (-38.5%);

-- National Fuel Gas, increase from $0.30959 to $0.3674 per Ccf (18.6%);

-- PECO, decrease from $0.54211 to $0.3852 per Ccf (-28.9%);

-- Peoples Natural Gas Co., increase from $1.2337 to $3.08 per Mcf (149%);

-- Peoples Gas Co. LLC, increase from $1.2337 to $3.08 per Mcf (149%);

-- Valley Energy, decrease from $0.94342 to $0.33758 per Ccf (-64.2%).

A change in the price to compare for Philadelphia Gas Works is anticipated on December 1.

Electric Prices

Electric distribution company prices changes range from an 18.8% increase to an 18% decrease for residential customers-- 

-- Citizens’ Electric, estimated decrease from 13.333 cents to 10.964 cents per kWh (-18%);

-- Duquesne Light, estimated decrease from 11.45 cents to 10.46 cents per kWh (-8.6%);

-- Met-Ed, increase from 10.24 cents to 11.306 cents per kWh (10.4%);

-- PECO, estimated decrease from 9.672 cents to 8.919 cents per kWh (-7.8%);

-- Penelec, increase from 9.703 cents to 10.607 cents per kWh (9.3%);

-- Penn Power, increase from 10.556 cents to 11.231 cents per kWh (6.4%);

-- Pike Co. Light & Power, increase from 7.3005 cents to 8.67 cents per kWh (18.8%);

-- PPL, decrease from 12.126 cents to 11.028 cents per kWh (-9%);

-- UGI Electric, decrease from 12.128 cents to 10.26 cents per kWh (-15.4%);

-- Wellsboro Electric, decrease from 12.393 cents to 9.206 cents per kWh (-25.7%); and

-- West Penn Power, increase from 9.929 cents to 10.001 cents per kWh (1%).

Business Electric Customers

For small business customers, the PUC notes that most EDCs are also adjusting their PTCs on December 1 in their small Commercial and Industrial rate classes.  

Among the state’s major EDCs, price changes in default service rates for small businesses will vary – ranging from PTC increases in the FirstEnergy service territories (Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power and West Penn Power) between 1% to 10% to an anticipated decrease of nearly 9% for small business customers in the Duquesne Light service territory.

Shopping For Energy Suppliers

In most areas of Pennsylvania, consumers can choose who supplies their electricity –

based on price or other factors, such as renewable energy – as well as who supplies their natural gas.  Competitive offers may not be available in all areas.

The PUC’s PAPowerSwitch and PAGasSwitch energy shopping websites provide consumers and small businesses with valuable information on how to shop for supply services – enabling consumers to quickly compare offers from competitive suppliers against the default service rates from their local utilities and learn more on switching to a competitive supplier, or returning to default service, should they choose.

Click Here for the complete announcement.

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