Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Pike Conservation District: DEP Releases New Online Bridge & Culvert Maintenance & Repair Permitting Tool

Pike County Conservation District announced the availability of a new online DEP Chapter 105-related tool to determine what, if any, approvals from or notification to DEP are needed for bridge and culvert maintenance and repair projects.

The DEP Bridge and Culvert Maintenance and Repair Tool is designed to help bridge and culvert owners understand and be informed of permitting and notification requirements for bridge and culvert maintenance under various scenarios, including emergency situations.

It does this by asking a series of questions about the proposed work, the condition of the structure, current situation and includes ample photographs, examples and links.

Click Here to use the tool.

Visit DEP’s Maintenance of PA Streams webpage for more information, including a copy of the Stream Maintenance Booklet.

Visit the Pike County Conservation District to learn more about information available on conserving natural resources.

[Posted: November 14, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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