Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Natural Lands Adding Acres To Sadsbury Woods Preserve In Chester County

On June 28,
Natural Lands announced it has added three acres of land to its Sadsbury Woods Preserve in Sadsbury Township, Chester County. 

Many of Natural Lands 43 properties have grown to their present sizes through small additions like this one over many years. 

The property, once an in-holding on the western boundary of the nature preserve, will be reforested to provide additional habitat for wildlife, particularly migratory songbirds. 

Sadsbury Woods Preserve began in 1996 when Natural Lands purchased 177 acres of forested land along the Route 30 corridor, situated squarely in the path of expanding development around Exton. 

An additional 20+ parcels acquired in succeeding years expanded the preserve to its present size of 511 acres. 

Like all of Natural Lands’ properties, it is open to the public free of charge, year-round. 

The forested land of Sadsbury Woods provides critical habitat for songbirds like Scarlet Tanager, Wood Thrush, and several species of warblers that spend winters in warmer climes but use large, connected forests in our region as their breeding grounds. 

Many of these migrant species have declined because the woods they rely on are disappearing or being subdivided. 

Forests that are fragmented into smaller plots by roads and developments favor predators that thrive along the edge of the woods, such as raccoons, snakes, Blue Jays, domestic cats, and Brown-headed Cowbirds. 

Located at the headwaters of Buck Run, a major tributary to Brandywine Creek, the preserve also helps to keep the stream clean and clear. 

Sadsbury has also been a part of popular culture recently as it made an appearance on the HBO series, The Last of Us.

“Just before we purchased this three-acre property, the owners cleared it of all trees and shrubs to build a house there,” said Sadsbury Woods Preserve Manager Erin Smith. “We will work to reforest the land so that it can provide better ecological services like storing carbon to help cool the climate, absorb rainwater to ease flooding, clean and filter drinking water, and give wildlife food and shelter.” 

Since its beginning, Chester County Government has partnered with Natural Lands to create and subsequently expand Sadsbury Woods Preserve, including support for its trail network and the addition of a parking lot. 

Chester County Commissioners Marian Moskowitz, Josh Maxwell and Michelle Kichline said, “The preservation of any amount of land is meaningful, but what makes this three-acre parcel especially significant is that it becomes part of the larger Sadsbury Woods Preserve, and it encourages ecological benefits that come from replenishing the interior forest, including a critical habitat that attracts many species of birds.” 

For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Natural Lands website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates from Natural Lands and Like them on FacebookClick Here to support their activities.

Natural Lands has preserved more than 125,000 acres, including 42 nature preserves and one public garden totaling more than 23,000 acres.

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