Friday, May 26, 2023

Wildlife For Everyone Foundation Announces College Scholarship Recipients

Wildlife For Everyone Foundation has selected five Pennsylvania students as recipients of their 2023 annual scholarship. 

These students were chosen based on demonstration of exemplary academic achievement and commitment to furthering the conservation of wildlife and natural resources in Pennsylvania.

Anne Puchalsky, (Carlisle, PA) 

Anne graduated this May 2023 from Penn State, University Park, with a BS in Wildlife and Fishery Science and a minor in Forest Ecosystem Management. 

Anne has participated in several undergraduate research projects, including an investigation of eastern box turtle thermal ecology and population monitoring. More recently, she worked on a project analyzing how adult eastern Bluebird cognitive abilities relate to nesting success. 

Anne also serves as vice president for the Penn State chapter of the Spurs Collectors, a National Wild Turkey Federation club. Anne hopes to pursue a career in either herpetology or ornithology, preferably with non-game species of particular conservation concern.

David Pearce 

David graduated in May of 2023 from Penn State, University Park with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and Fisheries Science and a minor in Forest Ecosystem Management. 

David is very active in the Penn State chapter of the Wildlife Society and received an undergraduate research grant from the College of Agriculture, which has allowed him to study occupancy of native mammalian species in Rothrock State Forest. 

David will begin pursuing a master's degree at Texas A& M in Rangeland, Wildlife and Fisheries Management. His aims for the future include performing ecological research and sharing his knowledge with the next generation of conservationists as a professor.

Makayla Holleran (Wellsboro PA) 

Makayla is a second-year student at Penn State, Dubois and graduated this spring with an Associate of Science degree in Wildlife Technology. 

Throughout her educational career Makayla has worked as a habitat management intern for the Pennsylvania Game Commission and has participated in many outdoor activities including hunting trapping fishing and hiking. Makayla strives to be hired as a wildlife biologist upon completion of her studies.

Jeremiah Irwin (Johnstown PA) 

Jeremiah is enrolled in wildlife and fisheries science program at Penn State Dubois with an anticipated graduation date of December 2023. 

Jeremiah has spent two summers as a wildlife research technician in Colorado performing survivorship studies with Mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk. These experiences have convinced Jeremiah to continue working with the survivorship studies as a wildlife biologist, with hopes of advocating for the importance of species labeled as pests or nuisances.

Elizabeth Bruner (Blairsville PA)

Elizabeth  is a first-year student at Penn State University, Dubois pursuing an Associate of Science degree in Wildlife Technology with plans to continue her education at the University Park campus with a bachelor's degree in Forest Ecosystem Management. 

Although just a first-year student, Elizabeth has considerable conservation outreach experience, including serving as president of the Governor's Youth Advisory Council for hunting, fishing, and conservation and currently serves on the adult council. 

Elizabeth's career goal is to become a forester managing Pennsylvania's eastern deciduous forests.

The Wildlife For Everyone Foundation has been contributing to conservation and restoration initiatives on the local and statewide scale since its establishment in 2004, including the development of 2 ADA compliant wetland areas in Centre County. 

These projects aim to give all individuals access to Pennsylvania's natural resources, regardless of physical abilities. 

To learn more about work being done, visit the Wildlife For Everyone Foundation  website.

(Photo: David Pearce, Jeremiah Irvin, Anne Puchalsky, Makayla Holleran, and Elizabeth Bruner.)

[Posted: May 26, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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