Friday, January 27, 2023

DEP Bans Sale Of Electronic Devices Made By AWOW Tech For Not Complying With PA’s Electronic Waste Recycling Law; E-Waste Recycling Program Broken

The Department of Environmental Protection issued a public notice on January 28 banning the sale of electronic devices made by
AWOW Tech because they are not complying with the state’s electronics recycling law. (PA Bulletin, page 674).

Sales of electronic devices made by three other companies-- Azulle Tech, Gigabyte Technology and Evervue USA, Inc.-- are still banned in Pennsylvania for noncompliance with the Covered Device Recycling Act.  Read more here.

Under state law, manufacturers of new covered devices-- such as televisions, laptop and desktop computers, tablets, etc.-- offered for sale in Pennsylvania are required to register with the Department prior to offering those devices for sale under Section 304 of the Covered Device Recycling Act.

Manufacturers must also pay an annual registration fee and submit a recycling plan and annual report.

Section 302 of the CDRA prohibits the sale of covered devices in the Commonwealth by unregistered manufacturers.

Click Here for a list of registered manufacturers.

Electronics Waste Recycling Program Is Broken

Local governments, community groups and DEP have all concluded the electronic waste recycling program is broken and needs a major overhaul to work effectively.

Several legislative hearings have documented the fact the state’s electronic waste recycling program just isn’t working, and that hasn’t changed since a 2017 Senate hearing.  Read more here.

In December 2021, DEP, in consultation with the agency’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee, released a white paper of what those changes in law should be.  Read more here.

Click Here to read more about how the electronic waste recycling program can be fixed and recommendations on making the curbside recycling program more effective.

For more information on this program, visit DEP’s Electronics Waste Recycling webpage.  Questions about this action can be directed to Jordan Hoover, Bureau of Waste Management by email to: or 717-783-8973.

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[Posted: January 27, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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