Tuesday, April 19, 2022

UPDATED with Agenda/Location/Remote Access: DCED PA Grade Crude [Oil] Development Advisory Council Meets April 21 On Conventional Drilling Issues

PA Grade Crude [Oil] Development Advisory Council, related to conventional oil and gas drilling, is scheduled to hold a meeting April 21 in State College.  

The agenda includes multiple items--

-- Update on disposing of drilling wastewater by road spreading

-- Report on a phone call with DEP’s Waste Management (related to road spreading)

-- Update on treatment plans (for drilling wastewater)

-- DEP Update on Bipartisan Infrastructure conventional well plugging program

-- Report on Council’s review of DEP’s draft changes to conventional drilling regulations

-- Discussion of DEP’s draft Environmental Justice Permit Review Policy

-- Discussion of PA’s methane regulation proposal

-- Impact of “geopolitical unrest” in Ukraine on industry

Click Here for the complete agenda.

Available Handouts

DCED made available these handouts for the meeting--

-- Draft Minutes from August 19, 2021 Council Meeting

-- Draft Minutes from February 25, 2022 Regulatory Review Committee Meeting

-- Draft Comments on DEP’s update to conventional drilling regulations (71 pages)

-- PA Oil & Gas Deed Language Related To Reservation of Rights

-- Examples of where DEP’s conventional regulations “exceed” state, federal law in the view of some Council members

The meeting will be held at the Technology Center, Room 243, 200 Innovation Blvd. in State College starting at 10:00 a.m.  Remote access by dial in to: 267-332-8737. Conference ID: 910 985 838#.

For more information, visit DCED’s PA Grade Crude [Oil] Development Advisory Council webpage.  Questions should be directed to Adam Walters, adwalters@pa.gov or call 717-214-6548. 

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[Posted: April 19, 2022]

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