Sunday, January 23, 2022

This Week’s Examples Of Going The WRONG WAY On Environmental, Energy Issues

While PA Environment Digest’s priority is to highlight positive examples of environmental and energy leadership, 2022 is an election year which demands accountability to voters.

Below are examples of going the WRONG WAY on environmental and energy issues from last week’s articles and NewsClips--

-- DEP 2022 Water Quality Report Shows 27,886 Miles Of Streams With Impaired Water Quality In PA (33%) - An Increase From 25,468 In 2020  [PaEN]

-- Senate Committee Set To Meet Jan. 25 On Bills To Redefine Water Pollution, Prohibit State From Owning Clean Energy Credits; Hold Hearing On Stormwater Fees  [PaEN]


-- PA Conservation Districts Oppose Bill Redefining Water Pollution, Letting Polluters Decide When To Report Spills  [PaEN]


-- House Committee To Hold Info. Meeting Jan. 24 On Bill To Use Some American Rescue Plan Funding To Clean Up Water Pollution  [PaEN]


-- Gov. Wolf Highlights Strong Financial Position Of Commonwealth Going Into Next Budget  [Then He Shouldn’t Have Any Problem Supporting Bipartisan $500 Million For Local Conservation, Recreation Improvement Projects In His Budget Address.  Read more here.  He also forgot to thank Biden & Congress for billions in federal aid.]


-- WESA: ‘Seize The Moment’: Gov. Wolf Talks About His Legacy And Sets Table For Budget Speech  [Nothing on the environment]


Want to have a positive impact on issues like this?  Tell your Senate and House members they need to act to protect and restore Pennsylvania’s environment and support the tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who do-- not slide backwards.

Click Here to find your member of the state General Assembly.

Going The RIGHT WAY:

-- 46 New Stores - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA

-- 33 New Stories - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA

-- 30 New Stories - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA 

-- 35 New Stories - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA  

-- 1,198 New Articles In 2021 - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA  

[Posted: January 23, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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