Monday, November 22, 2021

DCNR Invites Vendors To Dec. 16 Forum On 4-Season Concessions At Denton Hill State Park, Potter County

On November 22, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources invited vendors to participate in an open forum discussion on December 16 to determine the most cost-effective and successful way to operate a four-season recreation center at
Denton Hill State Park in Potter County.

“We understand the need to make changes at Denton Hill State Park, and would like input from vendors to help us determine the best way to enhance year-round outdoor recreation opportunities,” State Parks Director John Hallas said. “DCNR plans to continue downhill skiing as a seasonal activity for the park and we want to develop a comprehensive plan to modernize Denton Hill, so that it can be a thriving destination that drives interest in outdoor recreation and economic opportunities in Potter County.”

The open forum is scheduled for 10:00 a.m., Thursday, December 16, and will take place in the ski lodge at Denton Hill State Park, Route 6 in Ulysses. 

DCNR officials plan to discuss industry standards, vendor expertise, community insight, best practices, bringing new activities to the park, and facility enhancements and project options to meet the year-round park operations need.

The open forum is reserved for vendors interested in becoming prime contractor candidates for future outdoor recreation operations at the state park. A tour of Denton Hill facility will be conducted immediately after the open forum.

DCNR strongly encourages interested vendors to participate in this tour to assess the condition of the facility and gain a better understanding of the public-private partnership potential at Denton Hill.  

Denton Hill is located along Route 6 in Ulysses Township, Potter County, in the Pennsylvania Wilds

The park was developed by DCNR as a specialized ski area in the early 1950s. The downhill ski area has been closed since the winter of 2014. 

A new master plan for the park includes infrastructure improvements and positions a concessionaire to grow recreational opportunities across all four seasons.

Interested parties should confirm their attendance by contacting Judy Deiter, the issuing officer, at 717-705-3958 or

Find more information about the Denton Hill State Park master plan on DCNR’s website.

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[Posted: November 22, 2021]  PA Environment Digest

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