Wednesday, December 23, 2020

PA Sea Grant Adds 2 New Aquatic Invasive Plant Species Fact Sheets To Educational Resources

Pennsylvania Sea Grant Program recently added two new Aquatic Invasive Plant Species fact sheets to its educational resources-- water lettuce and water hyacinth.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are non-native plants, animals, or pathogens that cause harm to the environment, the economy, and human or animal health. 

Preventing their spread is important because once introduced, these species disrupt ecosystems, reduce biodiversity, and cost communities huge amounts of time, money, resources, and lost revenue.

Pennsylvania Sea Grant offers various print and online educational resources, training sessions and webinars to natural resource managers and biologists from federal and state agencies and other organizations that may be dealing with AIS in a professional capacity. 

Visit the PA Sea Grant Aquatic Invasive Species webpage where you can also find resources, such as public information sessions, fact sheets, and other educational resources for communities and individuals not working with AIS in a professional capacity.

For more information on programs, initiatives, research, upcoming events and more, visit the Pennsylvania Sea Grant Program webpage.  Questions should be directed to Kelly Donaldson, 717-350-3913 or send email to:

Visit DCNR’s Invasive Plants webpage for more information on other invasive plant species.

[Posted: December 23, 2020]  PA Environment Digest

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