Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hundreds Of COVID-19 Tests Administered Daily In Montgomery County With Help Of PA National Guard

Since the Pennsylvania National Guard began helping Montgomery County administer COVID-19 tests last week, as many as 275 people have been tested each day. 
At the direction of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, approximately 80 members of the PA National Guard continue to support Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency with the operation of their first mass testing site. 
“There has been a lot of limitations in terms of medical facilities so far being able to test for the coronavirus both in terms of testing and the proper personal protective equipment to make sure the healthcare personnel are not exposed,” said Lt. Col. Richard Lorraine, Pa. Air National Guard. “So, since we are trained in that environment, we have been asked to come here to support Montgomery County and to staff the testing area.” 
Montgomery County, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and local authority have provided the site and supplies while the PA National Guard are providing the medical expertise. 
The test site remains under the control of Montgomery County.  The tests are by appointment only for individuals exhibiting symptoms.  Click Here for the eligibility criteria.
Click Here for video of the National Guard setting up the testing site.
Visit the Pennsylvania National Guard website for more information on how our Guard members serve you. 
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[Posted: March 24, 2020]

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