Thursday, March 26, 2020

Deadline Extended - PA Environmental Professionals Call For Karl Mason & Walter Lyon Award Nominations

On March 26, the PA Association of Environmental Professionals extended the deadline for nominations for the 2020 Karl Mason and Walter Lyon Awards until April 17. 
PAEP is pleased to honor their contributions to environmental professionalism and commemorate the vision of both of these pioneers.  
The awards are presented to Pennsylvanians who made a unique and creative contribution to the field of environmental management in Pennsylvania with preference given to the fields of administration, law, regulation and community organization. 
Karl Mason
The Karl Mason Award honors an individual who demonstrated exemplary leadership in the field of environmental management.
Karl Mason served as Pennsylvania’s first State Environmental Administrator from 1952 to 1966.  Karl’s holistic vision of environmental management embraced essential, but conflicting, needs associated with waste disposal and community environmental protection.  
The general framework established by Karl serves as the foundation for Pennsylvania’s environmental protection programs to this day.  
Karl believed and put into practice the notion that environmental protection is primarily the business of professionals who have the skills, by virtue of their scientific training, to manage the technical and scientific complexities of maintaining a safe, healthy and clean environment.  
He was committed to the belief that continuing education was an essential part of the career of every environmental professional. 
Walter Lyon
The Walter Lyon Award honors an organization, project or program that made a unique, creative, or significant contribution toward maintenance or restoration of Pennsylvania’s environmental quality or to the field of environmental management. 
Walter Lyon began his professional career as a sanitary engineer at the U.S. Public Health Service in Washington D.C. serving as Assistant Chief of the Planning and Development Branch, Division of Engineering Resources from 1950-1954. 
He then served for three-years as the Assistant Chief of the Environmental Health Section, Philadelphia Department of Public Health. 
From 1983 to 2013, Walter went on to teach and consult in the areas of environmental engineering and water policy. 
 For many years, Walter participated in the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Professionals (PAEP) conferences and special events and generously shared his knowledge and experience. 
 He was a strong advocate for employing highly educated, qualified, and experienced environmental professionals in the public and private sectors and serves as a role model for the environmental professionals of today and tomorrow.
Award winners are selected from the nominees by the PAEP Board of Directors.
Click Here for the nomination form.  For more information on the awards, visit the Karl Mason & Walter Lyon Awards webpage.
For more information on programs, initiatives, workshops and other special events, visit the PA Association of Environmental Professionals website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates on PAEP activities or Like them on Facebook.  Click Here to become a member.
(Photo: Karl Mason, Walter Lyon.)
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