Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pittsburgh Mayor Responds To Trump On Energy/Climate: PA Has TWICE As Many Workers Employed By Clean Energy Than By Fossil Fuels

On October 23, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto issued the following statement on President Donald Trump’s remarks about energy production and the Paris Climate Agreement:  
“President Trump’s remarks on energy and the Paris Agreement today underscore why the 2020 election is so important, not only for the United States but for the world. 
“The United States cannot officially withdraw from the Paris Agreement until November 2020, so final action will rightly be made by the next President. Pittsburgh adopted the Agreement in 2017, and is one of 400 American cities that has done so to fight the climate crisis. 
His statements about energy are wrong, and stuck in an outdated 19th Century mindset
“The Pittsburgh region is thriving and has moved on to a 21st Century economy based on technology and clean energy production. 
“President Trump’s outdated vision for Western Pennsylvania and the Rust Belt would put the final nails into the coffin of those struggling communities his economy has left behind. 
These are the facts: 
“In Pennsylvania there are twice as many workers employed by the clean energy industry than by fossil fuel producers
“There are more clean energy workers in Allegheny County than any other county in the state, including Philadelphia. 
“The plans the City of Pittsburgh has adopted to cut carbon emissions in half are projected to add 110,000 full-time equivalent jobs by 2030
“Pittsburgh has transitioned  to a technology-based economy, with its tech firms attracting almost $4 billion in investments the last 10 years-- $2.3 billion of which has come in just the last five years, much of it focused on the autonomous vehicle and robotics sectors. 
“Pittsburgh has willed itself into economic rebirth after its near death. It joins the world in valuing our future over reliving the past.” 
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[Posted: October 23, 2019]

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