Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Exelon Foundation Accepting Applications To Fund Climate Change, Clean Energy & Environmental Startup Businesses In Key Markets

The Exelon Foundation is now accepting applications for funding from startup business with a focus on climate change, clean energy and the environment.  The deadline for applications is October 25.
This program is part of a new program to provide $20 million in investment over the next 10 years--
-- $10 million to invest in startups focused on greenhouse gas mitigation, local resiliency and city sustainability goals; and
-- $10 million in pro-bono and in-kind work by providing access for startups to accelerators and incubators to help launch and to scale their businesses.
The Foundation will invest $2 million per year.
Projects funded must be done in or around key market areas: Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE, Atlantic City, District of Columbia, Baltimore and Chicago.
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